HUD Multifamily Loans

HUD apartment-multifamily loan programs offered by a HUD commercial mortgage lender/servicer and Ginnie Mae securities issuer to qualified borrowers for the acquisition, refinance or construction of apartment - multifamily communities - affordable housing.

The programs are:

HUD-Insured Loan (Section 223(f) Refinancing / Acquisition)
This HUD-insured loan is available for the acquisition or refinancing of existing apartment communities with at least 3 years of operating history. For "affordable housing” properties the 3-year requirement may be waived.
HUD-Insured Loan (Section 221(d)(4) New Construction / Substantial-Rehab)
HUD-insured loan for new construction and substantial rehabilitation of affordable and market rate apartment communities. Qualifications for substantial rehab may vary depending on property geographic location.
HUD-Insured Loan (Section 223(a)(7) Refinancing / Multifamily Accelerated Processing)
This streamline refinance program does not allow equity take-out. Fixed rate permanent refinancing for existing apartment communities with FHA insured loans. Streamline benefits include no appraisal, no environmental, modified mortgage credit analysis, and reduced application fee.

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IMPORTANT: This is not an offer to make a loan, all requests are subject to normal due-diligence and final approval under conditions that are standard for the specific transaction. The above terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice and other terms and conditions apply.