Gas Station Loans

Financing Franchised Gas Stations (Full or Limited Service) and Convenience Stores.

Refinance - Acquisitions - Construction. If the gas station/c-store you are refinancing or acquiring is a franchised unit and has been operation for at least two years, we would like to consider your request.


If the gas station/c-store is independent or has been operating for less than two years, please CLICK HERE TO APPLY. We work with a number of lending partners that would consider your request.

Independent stations may also qualify for SBA financing. Please click here for more information on SBA financing.

If your request is accepted for further consideration, we would require the information listed below:

1. Last two years financial statements for each unit
2. Interim financials through same period for current year
3. Operating statement should reflect each store as well as combined overall operations
4. Gallonage by store for each of the periods provided
5. Schedule of existing debt with term
6. Everyone who owns 20% or more must sign a credit report consent form


IMPORTANT: This is not an offer to make a loan, all requests are subject to normal due-diligence and final approval under conditions that are standard for the specific transaction. The above terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice and other terms and conditions apply.